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GODART is a French company founded in 1978 and located in Carvin (62).
A major player in the French sanitaryware ceramics market and leader in the DIY market, our company specializes in the design, import and distribution of sanitaryware products in Porcelain, Fine Stoneware, Solid-stone, Solid-surface for bathroom fittings.

Since its creation, GODART has worked mainly with DIY stores and the professional network to offer the latest trends and innovations in bathroom fixtures.
As a specialist in ceramics, we offer a wide range of toilet packs, basins, washbasins and shower trays to equip your home.Our company offers over 300 products manufactured in more than 19 factories in Europe, the Near and Middle East and Asia.
All our products are stocked in 20,000 m2 of warehousing, enabling us to respond rapidly to any customer request.

Our products are conceived and designed by our teams based in the Hauts de France region.
This ensures that our customers benefit from solutions and products that meet their requirements and comply with French and European standards.
It also means that our customers can count on the support of a partner experienced in the design of made-to-measure products to strict specifications.

Our commitments

  • Innovation

GODART creates, develops and patents new products, because innovation is a key factor in our success.

  • Expertise

Our company offers quality products at affordable prices, and our ambition is to democratize them in various distribution channels. A strong brand name is present on all our products, another pillar of our commercial positioning.
We want the GODART brand to establish itself as an affordable alternative of identical quality to the major brands.

  • Proximity and flexibility

Our head office, sales, logistics and administrative teams are located in the Hauts de France region. Our 20,000m2 of storage space enables us to satisfy a growing demand for immediacy. Our company anticipates and responds to the needs of all our customers with a high quality of service.
GODART works in partnership with leading transport companies to ensure we always respond with flexibility and speed.

  • CSR commitments

Aware of the societal role we have to play in preserving our planet and future generations, we are committed to an eco-responsible approach through our environmental, social, ethical and responsible purchasing policies, which are binding on all our employees.
We encourage our factories to replace their gas ovens with electric ovens, which are much less polluting.
We have eliminated the use of plastic in our packaging and pallet wrapping.
We make our employees aware of the daily gestures that help to reduce energy consumption.
We design and promote a range of water-saving toilets.
We donate our obsolete stock to associations. In addition to helping disadvantaged people, we give a second life to our products.